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Afternoon Auxiliary to the Royal Inland Hospital

311 Columbia Street

Kamloops, BC V2C 2T1

Auxiliary Office: 250-314-2331



Dear Prospective Vendor:

Thank you for your interest in the Vendor Program. The goal of this program is to generate funds for the purchase of much needed equipment for our hospital through the sale of items provided by local artisans and small to medium business entrepreneurs.  To ensure this program is mutually beneficial, all products must be new and of superior handmade or commercial quality.  The Afternoon Auxiliary will review the suitability of all items offered for sale.

Through this program we are able to provide a unique selection of items for purchase by patients, staff and visitors to the hospital which enables the Afternoon Auxiliary to “raise money to enhance the quality of healthcare in the community of Kamloops.”

Attached is information on this program along with a Vendor Application Form and Waiver. Trudy Deluca is the contact person for any vendor bookings or questions you may have on this program.  She can be reached by phone at 250-314-2331 or email at  Please provide your current phone number and complete mailing and email addresses.  Once the completed Waiver and eligible criteria of products and/or services are met, you will be added to our vendor directory and contacted as appropriate space becomes available in our program.

Thank you.




Partners with Evening Auxiliary to the Royal Inland Hospital

and the Royal Inland Hospital Foundation




  1. Vendor Fees associated with the program are a minimum of $50.00 per day or 15% of gross sales before taxes (based on cash till/book totals), whichever is greater. For all catalogue sales, orders or services initiated at the hospital and finalized later, the sales must be included in the 15% commission fee calculation.
  1. Payments for each session must be made within 14 business days of the vendor’s booking date. Payments are to be made by cash or cheque, payable to Afternoon Auxiliary to the Royal Inland Hospital.  Please mail payment to:


           Afternoon Auxiliary to the Royal Inland Hospital

           311 Columbia Street

           Kamloops, BC V2C  2T1

           Attention: Vendor Program


           Late or incomplete payments may result in loss of future bookings. Receipts will be issued yearly by the Afternoon Auxiliary.

  1. Cancellations of rental bookings must be made in writing and delivered to the Afternoon Auxiliary by email, not less than 7 business days prior to the vendor date booked.

          Vendors cancelling with less than 7 full business days’ notice will be charged a $25.00 table fee. Cancelled bookings will be re-rented from a waiting list.

  1. Vendor areas are located on the admitting floor, between the Gift Shop and Information Desk. Two tables and chairs will be provided and more may be available upon request. An electrical outlet is also available.


  1. Parking is available in the New CSB – Clinical Services Building. Kiosks accept cash and credit card.


  1. Scheduling for each vendor will be one day a month or 2 consecutive days quarterly, exceptions are according to availability and at our discretion. Hours will vary from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, to suit the vendor’s schedule.


          Table and product set up and take down is the vendor’s responsibility. Please be aware that the Afternoon Auxiliary has no space available for storage of any items, therefore all merchandise must be removed from the hospital on each sale day.


  1. Excluded Products:
  • Scented products – the hospital is a scent-sensitive environment, items must be properly packaged
  • Stuffed animals
  • Live flowers and floral arrangements
  • Vitamins, dietary supplement and food supplements
  • Any items that are in direct competition with our Gift Shop may be excluded


  1. Advertising the event will be sent to the hospital staff via email. The vendors must supply 7 posters, email a copy (please note no access to a color printer) a week prior to sale for displaying in designated areas within the hospital.


          The vendor program calendar is on the Afternoon Auxiliary display board in the information area.


          Under no circumstances may vendors display their own flyers/posters throughout the hospital to advertise their sales.


  1. Poster Criteria: All posters must be professional and typed on 8 ½ x 11 paper (portrait). Include business name, day, date and time of sale (set your own times, i.e.: 9am to 4pm), location (2nd floor, gift shop area). The posters must include “15% of gross sales paid to the Afternoon Auxiliary”. A colored poster or colored paper is more effective than black and white. Other information such as promotion/sale or pictures may be included.


  1. Hospital policies and codes of conduct for the event. All Vendors and their employees agree to:
  • Demonstrate courtesy, respect, honesty and fairness to customers, other vendors and hospital staff in all interactions.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by providing full refunds, exchanges, or credit notes within a reasonable time frame.
  • Staff the vendor table at all times. Family members including children are not permitted to loiter in the hospital.
  • Dress code should be business casual attire.
  • Flu season starts December 1st to March 31st. It is Interior Health’s policy that vendors must have proof of a current flu shot or wear a mask. This is mandatory for the protection of the hospital staff, patients and members of the public.




  • Use of the facility is at the sole risk of all participants, invitees, employees, contractors, agents and volunteers using the facility pursuant to this Agreement (collectively, the “Vendor”).   Afternoon Auxiliary (“AA”) Interior Health Authority (“IHA”), its directors, officers, employees, servants, contractors and agents will not be responsible for any personal injury, death, loss, damage or destruction of property whatsoever, howsoever caused and whether arising within or outside the facility. Each participant is required to sign a waiver of liability before the rental agreement commences.
  • The vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless AA/IHA, its directors, officers, employees, servants, contractors and agents from and against all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses, including without limitation legal fees on a solicitor and own client basis, arising out of or in connection with the vendor’s use of the facility.


  • No damage will be made to the facility. The vendor will pay for all repair costs of any damage caused and for any extraordinary cleaning required.
  • This Agreement is for use of space at an IHA facility only and does not create any affiliation with IHA other than the activity is being conducted on an IHA site. The vendor must not refer to or use the “Interior Health” name or the IHA site name Royal Inland Hospital in its promotional materials in a way that suggests the vendor’s activity is sponsored or supported by IHA.
  • All rules and regulations regarding use of the facility must be complied with and the facility must be used in compliance with all applicable laws.
  • This Agreement cannot be assigned by the vendor.
  • If the vendor does not comply with the terms of this Agreement or if the vendor or any persons comprising the vendor conduct themselves in a manner unsatisfactory to AA and IHA, the agreement may be terminated immediately.
  • The vendor is responsible for notifying the consumer of potential health hazards (surrounding) their products, i.e., allergies pertaining to skin products. The AA and IHA accept no responsibility for reimbursement associated with returned checks and declined credit card payments, etc.

The vendor hereby agrees:


– To waive all rights of subrogation or recourse against AA and IHA with respect to the use or occupation by the vendor of the Facility.

– To waive any and all claims that may arise in the future against the AA, the Royal Inland Hospital, and their directors, officers, employees, agents, and representatives (all of whom are hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Releases”) and to the Releasers from any and all liability for any loss, damage, injury, or expense that may be suffered as a result of, or arising out of any aspect of the use of the vendor area due to any cause whatsoever, including negligence or theft, or in respect of the provision of the failure to provide any warnings, directions, instructions, or guidance as to the use of the vendor area.


  • A waiver by AA of any term of this Agreement or of any breach by the vendor is effective only if it is in writing and signed by AA and is not a waiver of any other term or any other breach, even if it is of the same nature.

I will consider as confidential all information in verbal, written, or computerized form concerning a patient, resident,                                             client, family member, doctor, or any member of IHA personnel and will not seek information in regard to a patient/resident/client, nor will I disclose any such information which may come to my attention as a result of my role as a vendor. I understand failure to maintain confidentiality may result in the contract being revoked.

I have read and understood the terms of this Agreement and confirm that I am 19 years of age (or legal guardian) or older and have capacity to enter into this Agreement and authority to bind all persons comprising the Vendor.


Signature of vendor: __________________________                    Date: _______________


Print name: __________________________________



Company Name:
Contact Person:
Mailing Address:
City / Province: Postal Code:
Phone: Cellular: Fax:
Please provide a description of the items/service you wish to sell:
What are your price ranges:

Do you need a receipt: Yes or No



Company Name:

Date Application Received:
Add to email distribution list:
Schedule Dates:
Short Notice – Cancellation List


Afternoon Auxiliary to the Royal Inland Hospital

311 Columbia Street

Kamloops, BC V2C 2T1

Auxiliary Office: 250-314-2331


Vendor Total Sales Information


Vendor Business Name:




A minimum payment of $50 per day or 15% of gross sales before taxes (based on cash till/book totals), whichever is greater. The fee is due and payable within fourteen business days of vendor sales date accompanied with this form and a copy of cash till/sales book.

Date of Sale:______________________________________


Total Daily Sales Amount:____________________________

(All catalogue sales, orders or services initiated at the hospital and finalized later, should be included in your total daily sales amount)


Total Paid Amount:_________________________________




Payment Policy                                                                                                                                    


Payment made to the Afternoon Auxiliary to Royal Inland Hospital. Please drop off payment in the wooden box labelled VENDORS outside the Gift Shop on the 2nd floor.  Place cheque in an envelope marked Vendor Program.  If out of the area, please mail cheque to the address below.


Afternoon Auxiliary to the Royal Inland Hospital

311 Columbia Street

Kamloops, BC V2C 2T1

Attention: Vendor Program